We operate in a transparent, open, consistent and credible way

Our transparency strategy has been shared and adopted by all the stakeholders of our supply chain. By the stakeholders working at the construction and upgrading of buildings, who know that we are constantly looking for and applying the highest standards from a technical point of view. By our tenants, who - thanks to the most prestigious certifications assessing our buildings and ensuring their best energy and environmental performances - have a clear perception of benefits to be enjoyed. By our investors, who have a clear overview of our investments and related benefits, thanks to the adoption of the best environmental solutions. Finally, by institutions, who are helped by our commitment to correctly implement regulations on design and certification - both compulsory and voluntary – in the dissemination of best practices and in raising awareness about environmental regulations all over the sector.

We firmly believe that transparency and thoroughness of information on environmental decisions and the adoption of objective certification standards are the best ways to create value for those renting our real estate properties and working in them and those who decide to invest in our company.


We therefore focus our efforts on three key areas:.