In 2014, Beni Stabili set out an ambitious roadmap of 29 annual targets to be achieved between 2014 and 2016.

These targets aligned closely with our material issues and the three focus areas of our sustainability strategy. Over the past 12 months Beni Stabili has achieved 8/11 (73%) of those requiring completion in 2015 and one target which was not achieved in 2014. In addition, we achieved our 2016 “Energy and Carbon” target ahead of schedule, as by December 2015, 100% of our managed portfolio procured 100% green electricity.

Focus area Target Status
icoLabelling Following analysis of portfolio EPC risk, approve and implement an EPC upgrade plan across the portfolio. icoStatusOk
Governance icoGovernance Become a signatory of the UN Global Compact. Postponed to 2016
Energy and Carbon; Water; Waste icoEnergyAll Monitor energy, water consumption, GHG emissions and waste generation and report publically (on an annual basis) and internally (on a quarterly basis) on progress made, including cost savings achieved as a result of efficiency measures. icoStatusOk
Energy and Carbon; Water; Waste (2014 target) icoEnergyAll Establish baseline data for annual energy consumption; GHG emissions; water consumption and waste generation (split by destination) at all relevant owned and managed assets and use this data to set public targets to improve performance. Partially achieved
Energy and Carbon icoEnergyCarbon Implement at least one energy reduction project with at least one tenant in at least 20% of buildings (by number or floor area) where Beni Stabili is responsible for purchasing utilities. icoStatusOk
Health and Safety Health and Safety Conduct at least two annual health and safety audits on our development projects and in all managed assets, focusing on ensuring that minimum health and safety procedures have been effectively implemented and that accurate and up-to-date records are available. icoStatusOk
Tenants Tenants Set up Environmental Working Groups in three major buildings and in all new developments, to identify where we can work together with tenants to make improvements and report in their achievements annually. icoStatusOk
Sustainable Procurement Ensure that 100% of bids and contracts with all property management service suppliers (cleaning, security and maintenance) include clauses for minimum requirements in relation to safety, social and environment standards. icoStatusOk
Sustainable Procurement Review our supply chain to assess how we can increase the procurement of locally or regionally-based goods and services. Partially achieved
Community and Wellbeing Be continuously involved in academic studies and support at least one academic research work every year. icoStatusOk
Enhancement of the Public Realm Tenants Carry out at least one example of an enhancement to the public realm (e.g. through architectural integration, community infrastructure, biodiversity, or public art). icoStatusOk

In 2016, we aim to achieve the final set of the 29 targets we set ourselves in 2014. We will also develop a new roadmap of annual targets up to 2020. Our 2016 targets can be found below.

Focus area Target
icoLabelling Trial LEED ‘Silver’ or equivalent for existing buildings in at least one building.
Energy and Carbon; Water; Waste icoEnergyAll Set property-specific reduction targets for energy, water and waste.
Water Carry out post-occupancy monitoring of energy and water consumption where Beni Stabili is responsible for purchasing utilities, in order to measure the success of our designs and influence the design of future schemes.
Water Where feasible, include water saving systems such as rainwater or greywater harvesting in new developments.
Energy & Carbon (Achieved early - December 2015) Tenants Review contracts across the portfolio and, where feasible (within 5% of current cost and depending on contract), procure the greatest extent of electricity from renewable sources.
Tenants Tenants Pilot an exemplar sustainable fit-out with one tenant.