We adopt the highest level of innovation available as a guide for our actions and as a leverage to draw attention on sustainability throughout our supply chain and inspire virtuous behavior.

In the upcoming years, a further development will take place which will change even more dramatically the way we plan, design and construct buildings, living and working places.

We build buildings that will last, meet the needs of users and respond to climate change and the evolution of social expectations by gradually reducing resource consumption. In future smart cities, buildings will play a key role, not only from a structural, but also a functional point of view. These trends already show the market’s increasing demand of buildings which are smart, efficient and interconnected.

In order to address these demands and meet these needs, we have allocated EUR 790 million for measures specifically aimed at the construction of low carbon or zero-impact buildings.


Refurbishment project in via Messina 38 in Milan: a concrete case of innovation

The recent refurbishment of Tower D of the building on via Messina 38 is a perfect example of how innovative solutions should always be based on the concrete conditions of the building and on the tenant's needs. The keyword of this project was efficiency; the adopted heating and cooling technology allowed to achieve energy savings in the region of 40% in a 9-floor building. Extensive use of LED light sources, energy recovery systems in filter systems and water saving solutions were also included in the plan, which was implemented in 2016. Beni Stabili invested over three and a half million euros and obtained a BREEAM rating of "good".


We focus our efforts in two main areas: