The awareness of future sector requirements and tenants' needs have increasingly guided our sustainability strategy. Having leveraged on direct and deep knowledge of our properties and on a management and business model developed according to our operational experience, today Beni Stabili is ready to successfully address one of the areas of greatest impact in the real estate sector.

The growing number of sustainability challenges for the real estate industry and the implementation of increasingly higher regulatory standards, aimed at increasing efficiency and sustainability in our real estate portfolio, have brought about our commitment - both internally and throughout our supply chain - to identify best practices and establish KPIs for our improvement goals.



We are as open about our achievements as we are about where we can improve. We are consistent credible in our reporting.


We use innovation to drive our actions and create inspirational places that integrate cutting-edge environmental design solutions to serve customers and community

During 2015 we’ve seen substantial changes at Beni Stabili. We decided to accelerate change and position Beni Stabili to take full advantage of a recovering real estate market.

We also reinforced the way we work together to achieve our ambitious goals, through several workshop sessions and training of 100% of the company on our essential process.

So what are our goals? Our 2020 goals are simple: a greater focus on Milan (80% compared to 45% today); a greater diversification of tenants (20% Telecom Italia compared to 41% today); and more green buildings (50% compared to 22% today).

I am proud of the progress we have made in all these areas throughout 2015, and particularly for how we accelerated the pace of greening our real estate portfolio this year. For example we started construction on our Symbiosis regeneration project in Milan. Eventually it will deliver 12 new cutting-edge, sustainable and highperformance offices. The first building has already obtained GOLDR LEED-CS Pre-certification.

Christophe Kullmann
Amministratore Delegato more